Welcome to DonBosco Chinthanaloka Institute of Philosophy and Humanities


We envisage chinthanaloka as an institution that caters to the "integral development" of the student: mature in relationship with fellow human beings; rooted in a solid religious vision of god, man and the world; competent to dialogue with people in a multi-religious and pluri-cultural context and committed to one’s own responsibilities as a god-fearing citizen.


Chinthanaloka leads the mind and heart of the student to explore the world of thought expressed especially through philosophy, religion, humanities and education so that he/she acquires:

The human qualities that empower him/her to be free in his/her love and service to all by engaging in mature dialogue with all men.

The religious qualities that open his/her life of faith and trust in god and enable him/her to live by his/her religious convictions.

The intellectual qualities that empower him/her to access knowledge and to contribute to knowledge-creation for a more culturally advanced and prosperous humanity.

the spiritual and salesian qualities that enable him/her to become a father/mother, friend and spiritual guide of youth like don bosco.